Mac and Mitch - A True Story

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The Boys and Daddy on a ski trip… In the gondola. This is daddy’s wallpaper for his work computer!

Mitchell is such a goofball…loves to lay down on the snow… Does that every time we stop on the slopes

20 June 2008

20 June 2008

0730-0900: Today, Daddy took the day off to take the boys to school!  Yay!  It was up at 0730 and off to the races to get ready for school.   With Mitchell starting to use the potty in the morning now, and with the incredibly ‘fast’ (ugh) pace that the boys eat their breakfast, it was a struggle to get the boys fed, dressed, bed made, faces washed, teeth brushed and in the car by 0830.  Of course, Daddy lost the struggle and had the boys in the car at 0842 to get them to school before 0900.  Traffic was accommodating, and the boys were right on time.  Mac stated as he arrived at school that he wanted to walk Mitchell to his classroom.  Once in the school, Mitchell’s teacher took Mitchell by the hand, and Mac took the other hand and did walk Mitchell to his class….Brothers for life!

(late entry):0730: Mitchell was rolling around ready to get up when Daddy came in to get him up.  After a few minutes of stretching in bed, Mitchell went and pee’d in the potty and popped one of the bubbles in the toilet with his finger…way to go Mitchell:0

0900-1200: School for Mitchell!

1200-1320:  Daddy, after being stuck in traffic due to an accident, picked Mitchell up from school  He had plenty of friends to keep him happy till Daddy arrived.  Daddy asked Mitchell what he wanted for lunch and he promptly responded “Ruby Tuesdays!”  So what do you want at Ruby Tuesdays, asked Daddy…”Salad Bar” responded Junk Food Mitchell!  Ok, after Daddy picked himself up off the floor, it was off to…you guessed it…Ruby Tuesdays and a salad bar.  Croutons, cheese and sunflower seeds were the prime movers on the salad plate.  Mitchell also ate some Mozzarella sticks and a very little bit of chicken tenders.

1320-1500: Home for playtime.  Mitchell played and Daddy worked on the kid’s computer.  Daddy played trains with Mitchell for a little bit; but then it was off to pick up Mac.

1515-1615: Picked up Mac at school.  He was a bit lethargic.  Not very excited to see Daddy or Mitchell.  He said he had a good day, but didn’t say much else.  Finally, while driving home, the familiar request came:  ‘Daddy, Can we drive around the streets?’  Mac likes to just drive around the streets in town.  He likes to see the neighborhoods and see the different street names.  Finally, when Mitchell could stand it no longer, it was off to the house. 

1615-1730: The boys were home and playing in the house.  Daddy had finally brought the boys’ new computer down to the family room..though it still isn’t quite ready.  The boys just played in the house until Mommy got home.

1730-bedtime:  Mac’s bed time was really late…Daddy had to work in the yard fixing the drainage, and Mac wanted to help.  The boys had to eat, during this time, so Mommy took the boys to McDonalds for happy meals.  When they returned, they ate with Daddy on the deck.  After eating it was back to work.  Mac and Mitchell both helped; though, that turned into more messing around than helping.  Mitchell went to take his bath with Mommy around 2015 and Mac stayed and helped Daddy until around 2130.  What great helpers! 

Good night boys…Thanks for helping Daddy in the yard!


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