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This is for sports that the boys are involved such as soccer, T-Ball, etc.

Another day of golf…

No lesson today. Tom had a ‘business meeting’ at another golf course. Hope he hit straight and long.  He sure missed out today, though.  Not only did Mac hit a couple of great shots, but he missed Mitchell hitting the ball with good form (for a 3 year old).  Way to go boys.   We played three holes.  Mac didn’t want to play 2 or 3 since they have water.  He had a bad experience one day (hit his ball in the water and thought the world had come to an end!).  That’s ok.  Plenty of holes and not enough time play them all.  We finished after the fifth hole.  Mitchell had a great time riding in the cart, hitting some balls, throwing his ball all over the place and, of course, rolling around in the grass.

Dinner after the golf was a gourmet meal provided by les Mickie D’s.   Mm good.

Good night boys!


T-Ball, T-Ball, T-Ball…


Here we go Red Sox, Here we go!


Here we go Braaaves, Here we go!


Today was the second to last game for the boys in their inaugural T-Ball season.  Mitchell plays from 5pm to 6pm and Mac plays from 6pm to 7pm.  Mitchell plays for the Braves in the 3 year old YMCA league, and Mac plays for the Red Sox for the ‘Y’. 


As you can imagine, the organization of the players on the field consists of chaos that the coaches try to maintain within the fair lines.  The coaches try to keep the kids in the game as best they can without the ball ending up in someone’s ear because they were picking grass, staring into the sky or beating on their teammates!


They had fun today; though it could be said they enjoyed playing on the jungle gyms and playsets and in the sand just as much!


The last game is Thursday, and Mommy and Daddy will be glad for a break.  With two hours of T-ball along with everything else the boys are doing, it seems to be a bit exhausting…poor Mommy and Daddy!  It is only beginning!


There is no doubt Mommy is also ready to break the McDonalds tradition that was born with the start of T-ball!   Following the games, the Moore family stops at McD’s for dinner!  Yummy!  Mitchell eats his cheeseburger meal and Mac kind of eats his McNuggets meal. 


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