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Another Weekend Gone!

It’s a brand new Monday, and the boys are excited to get back to school with their friends.  Ok, ok, Mitchell is not quite as excited to go to school as Mac, but he always has fun!  It was a good weekend.  The boys are still taking their swim classes and learning as best as they can…they only get into the pool once a week for 30 minutes, and they need to share the lesson with each other.  Mac had his piano lesson on Sunday as a make up for last Wednesday’s missed lesson.  Of course, he did well.  No surprise.  Mitchell did well yesterday with his drum practice.  We have not been doing as well with his practice.  Daddy needs to do a better job of getting Mitchell to do his practice.  It will probably take a more defined daily routine in the morning.  We’ll post the schedule for the boys, so they can help.   Most likely, we will get home from school or TKD and have Mitchell do drum practice while Daddy is preparing dinner.  Daddy made up a weekly menu for the boys’ lunch and dinner.  This will make it easier to stay on the tight evening schedule without making every night a crisis to figure out what’s for dinner.  Mac will have an assignment each day from Daddy…don’t worry, he’ll like it.  Today, he will look up ‘Pi’ on Google and answer two questions…1. What’s the symbol; 2. What’s the number to six decimal places.  He will also learn how to write email, by writing an email to his mother.  He will also do a short typing lesson.  He has been learning how to type a little, but this will help him become proficient.  No doubt he will do well. 

Mitchell has been complaining about a sore throat since Friday.  He had a little congestion yesterday and through the night.  He slept with Daddy last night, and coughed a little early.  He was sleeping soundly in the morning.  Nice drool puddle next to Tina’s pillow!  He really didn’t want to wake up.  It was a mild crankiness this morning.  He came out of it quickly!  

More to follow in the next couple of days!

Oh, What a week!

Let me start with the Dentist’s nightmare!  Yes, Halloween.  Last year Mitchell was only two and really didn’t understand what he was doing and Mac got sick and just passed out candy with Daddy.  This year, Halloween was bitter sweet.  It was Heathers last day taking care of the boys.  ON the bright side, she will be able to spend more time with Joey before her new kid pops out!  Good luck Heather…the boys miss you and wish you all the luck…stay in touch!

Mac and his pumpkinPumkin carving time!

For the boys that night, it was mommy on duty and the sun staying up later than past years.  To start, at 5pm, it was off to a neighborhood party sponsored by the residents of Commonwealth Street.  Mommy didn’t make it:-(  Just the three boys and many of our neighborhood friends.  After a healthy amount of pizza (for daddy), brownies, juice, and lots of playing, it was time to move out for some candy snatching!  The neighborhood is great…lots of older folks happy to see the transition of the old neighborhood into a thriving family community.   Mac and Mitchell had to be continuously restrained to keep them in Daddy’s site.  They chose to stay with a small group of the neighborhood kids.  Mac filled his bucket so full, it began to come apart.  This year, the boys were maniacs and had a blast.  Mommy stayed home to hand out candy and work!  Arrrghh, where\'s the fire?

Saturday morning was the last day of the current session of swim lessons.  Both boys are doing really well.  Mac has started swimming on his own without floats for several strokes with his head underwater.  He’s really proud.  And so are Mommy and Daddy.  For the rest of the weekend it was either Birthday parties (3) or Mac and Mommy at the Botanical Gardens collecting leaves from the different trees.  One of Mac’s projects…to collect leaves and put them in an album.  Mac and Mitchell went to the first party Saturday together at the Zoo for Riley who turned 4.  The second party was for Mitchell’s classmate, Allison.  It was held at a bowling alley.  Mitchell had a great time.  Too bad Mac didn’t join us.  He would have had a blast.  Mitchell and Daddy went to Mitchell’s favorite place in the world after the party…you guessed it…Toys R Us.  In fact, every night, Mitchell sits on the potty and looks at the different toy catalogs telling us he will get this or that for Christmas.

Sunday, it was off to Johnny’s party at Chuck E Cheese.  Mac was less than thrilled going there.  He does not really like the Macot, so it took a while for him to enjoy himself.  He did, however, especially with the air hockey game.  That was a full weekend.  No golf lesson due to too much partying.

Monday, November 3, 2008.  A new era!  They boys are nanniless!  It’s now time to begin full time school beginning with Daddy taking them to school at 0800 and Mommy picking them up before 530pm.  Mac is so excited and doesn’t want to be picked up before 530pm.  Mitchell, on the other hand, is taking it in stride and doesn’t want to stay in school till the end of the day…’come get me early, Mommy!  Fade out, Monday.

Fade in, Thursday.  Alls well with the boys.  They are a little out of whack, but only due to being a little more tired at the end of the day.

Time to wrap this up…Daddy needs some sleep.

Another day of golf…

No lesson today. Tom had a ‘business meeting’ at another golf course. Hope he hit straight and long.  He sure missed out today, though.  Not only did Mac hit a couple of great shots, but he missed Mitchell hitting the ball with good form (for a 3 year old).  Way to go boys.   We played three holes.  Mac didn’t want to play 2 or 3 since they have water.  He had a bad experience one day (hit his ball in the water and thought the world had come to an end!).  That’s ok.  Plenty of holes and not enough time play them all.  We finished after the fifth hole.  Mitchell had a great time riding in the cart, hitting some balls, throwing his ball all over the place and, of course, rolling around in the grass.

Dinner after the golf was a gourmet meal provided by les Mickie D’s.   Mm good.

Good night boys!

Golf and Dinner – 11 Sep 08

Mom is at a conference this week, it’s boys’ time!  Daddy was home early but needed to work in his room for a while alone…yeah right….Can I come up with you, Daddy?  Asks Mac.  Well, ok, but I need to get work done, so please find something to do quietly….Looks like Mac needs some further training on playing quietly by himself…Daddy, would you play with me? Daddy, would you make up math problems for me?  Daddy, what does this mean?  Daddy, what does that mean?   Daddy, may I help you on the computer….oh, all right, come here pest (not I didn’t say ‘pest’).  At 1700, it was time to go downstairs with Mitchell and get ready for Mac’s golf lesson.  Mitchell didn’t want to come, but with Mommy in Chicago, he needed to come.  Once there, Heather was let go, and Mac rode in a cart with Daddy, while Mac rode with his instructor Tom.  Today was a day to go on the course and play a few holes.  Mac did great as usual.  A little distracted, however, by Mitchell running all over the place and rolling and flopping!  On the last hole, Mitchell actually asked to hit a ball and did!  Way to go Big Boy!  After golf it was off to Perfectly Frank hot dog joint.  Our regular night spot following golf.  Tonight was Lindsey as the server and Gary as the cook. As usual we sat at the counter and talked with Lindsey.  After, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, egg salad, bbq chips, onion rings, cookie and strawberry shake it was time to go…not before, however, Mac had to ask Gary what Hafnium plus Selenium was (add the atomic numbers of the elements – 72 + 36)!  What a nerd…Daddy really tries hard to keep him humble!  After the dogs and shake, it was off to home for bath and bed.  The boys did ok with a few hiccups.  Mac had to pee badly upon arrival to the house, but wouldn’t go upstairs to use the potty till daddy came up…but daddy had to answer the phone from the AC people (no AC this weekend and it will be in the 90’s – ugh).  Mac didn’t quite make it to the potty.  I’ll clean the mess before Tina comes home Sunday.  After the bath (Mac was so helpful getting the room ready for after the bath), it was to bed right away with no reading.  Mac did read a little to Daddy, and Mitchell had a little trouble getting to sleep.  Daddy laid down with Mitchell till he fell asleep around 10pm.   Good night boys!

5 July 2008

Not really an ordinary Saturday for the boys…No swim class, no birthday parties to go to, no other activities scheduled…Just a trip to Home Depot, so Daddy could fix the toilet seats and out to breakfast  and dinner.  Breakfast was at Baker’s Crust and dinner was at No Frill Grill which is good.   

Other than just hanging out at home, Mac asked to have some neighborhood friends over to the house to play…no one was home, however…bummer.  So instead it was out for a scooter / bike ride and walk (Daddy).  Mac and Mommy rode their scooters , and Daddy walked with Mitchell while he rode his bike.  Mac has been doing great with his three wheel scooter, and has been learning to ride Mommy’s two wheel scooter.  Mitchell is making some progress on his Thomas bike.  He is learning to pedal.  Up till now, he just scooted with his feet (Flintstone style) on his tricycle.  Now he is starting to learn to pedal.  It’s fun to watch the boys learn to ride their bikes and scooters. 

21 June 2008

Busy Day

0705: Mac Awake (Ugh)

0815: Mitchell Awake (Better)

0815-1030: Play in the house and get ready for the day!

1030: Leave for swimclass at the YMCA.  After swimming for 10 minutes in the pool, Mand M went to their swim class which was taught by a sub teacher named Lindsey…she did a good job.  Mom and Dad were pleased with her.  The boys are making progress but need more time in the pool other than the once a week swim class.

1200: Swim class is over and it is off to Lucy’s first birthday. Lucy is the sister of James who is in School with Mac and Mitchell.  James is ~four.  Happy Birthday Lucy.  Mac had a good time with his friends from school and Mitchell pretty much played by himself as he does…

1500: Party over and it was off to Lowes for more supplies for the yard work.  Mitchell fell asleep in the car, but Mac went into the store with Daddy and helped get the supplies.  Mac also picked out two flowers – one for Mitchell (Dahlia) and one for himself (Zinia).  With supplies in the car, it was off to the house to begin working in the yard once again.  Mac and Mitchell were great helpers.  Daddy forgot a few pipes at the store, so it was off to the local hardware store which provided the boys with Free popcorn.  Mitchell supplied the poo poo.  Stinky diaper boy. Really need to accelerate that potty training!  With a stinky diaper getting mushed in the car, it was off to….you guessed it…McDonalds to pick up dinner once again….As we drove away from the hardware store, Mitchell screamed out…’’I’m not buckled! I’m not buckled”.  Way to go Mitchell!!!  Once buckled in and with McDonalds in hand, it was back to the house.

1930:  It was back into the yard after eating the scrumptious quarter pounders, fries, Mcnuggets, etc.  The boys were really great helping Daddy in the yard.  Daddy is as happy as can be (with a few, ‘NO – DON’T DO THAT’s”) having the boys help!  Once again, Mitchell was off to bath and bed at 2030, but Mac stayed out helping (truthfully) until about 2200.  Wow.  He was trying to fill a bucket with dirt that needed to be moved…about 10% of the dirt made it into the bucket.  That’s ok…Daddy loved having him out there!

2200: Mac was off to bed with Mommy while Daddy continued to work…

Good Night Boys!

17 June 2008

Today, this post only covers some of the boys’ day.  Heather has not been shown how to post yet on the site. 

0730: Mac woke up.  Heather went into Mac’s room followed by Daddy who was ready to go to work.  It was then time to go wake up Mitchell.  The boys went downstairs to walk Daddy to the door as went to work.  They were in a good mood today as Daddy left. 

1515-1645: Mommy picked up Mac from school today as a surprise!  Mac loves it when Mommy surprises him at school.  From there, Mac and Mommy went to Harris Teeter to pick out more food for Mac’s lunches at school.  He picked cherries, grapes and blueberries, turkey and American cheese!  Mac eats so well!  After getting ice for drinks at T-ball, it was off to home to see Mitchell!  Mitchell was awake when they got home…he only had a 45 minute nap!

1645-1655:  Daddy came home and all rushed to get into the car to go to T-ball!  The boys were not making it easy by dawdling and not listening to Mommy…the turds!

1705: It was T-ball time…A good time was had by all…read the T-ball post at: T-Ball 16 June 2008

2015-2045:  Back home for piano practice for Mac…He did great!  He improved on Scarborough Fair and did his other pieces and exercises really well!  Good job, buddy!  Mitchell played with trains while Mac practiced…Mommy cleaned fruit and prepared Mac’s lunch.  Mac then inspected to make sure it passed his high standards.

2045: It’s time for bath and bedtime!  Mitchell continues to make progress in his potty training and used the potty before bath! 

2115: Mac read a book to Mitchell.  It was a Thomas book that had ‘LIFT THE FLAPS’.  Mac would read the writing and tell Mitchell to lift the flaps.  What great brothers!

2137: Bedtime!  They were asleep in no time!  Sleep well boys!


T-Ball, T-Ball, T-Ball…


Here we go Red Sox, Here we go!


Here we go Braaaves, Here we go!


Today was the second to last game for the boys in their inaugural T-Ball season.  Mitchell plays from 5pm to 6pm and Mac plays from 6pm to 7pm.  Mitchell plays for the Braves in the 3 year old YMCA league, and Mac plays for the Red Sox for the ‘Y’. 


As you can imagine, the organization of the players on the field consists of chaos that the coaches try to maintain within the fair lines.  The coaches try to keep the kids in the game as best they can without the ball ending up in someone’s ear because they were picking grass, staring into the sky or beating on their teammates!


They had fun today; though it could be said they enjoyed playing on the jungle gyms and playsets and in the sand just as much!


The last game is Thursday, and Mommy and Daddy will be glad for a break.  With two hours of T-ball along with everything else the boys are doing, it seems to be a bit exhausting…poor Mommy and Daddy!  It is only beginning!


There is no doubt Mommy is also ready to break the McDonalds tradition that was born with the start of T-ball!   Following the games, the Moore family stops at McD’s for dinner!  Yummy!  Mitchell eats his cheeseburger meal and Mac kind of eats his McNuggets meal. 


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