Busy Day

0705: Mac Awake (Ugh)

0815: Mitchell Awake (Better)

0815-1030: Play in the house and get ready for the day!

1030: Leave for swimclass at the YMCA.  After swimming for 10 minutes in the pool, Mand M went to their swim class which was taught by a sub teacher named Lindsey…she did a good job.  Mom and Dad were pleased with her.  The boys are making progress but need more time in the pool other than the once a week swim class.

1200: Swim class is over and it is off to Lucy’s first birthday. Lucy is the sister of James who is in School with Mac and Mitchell.  James is ~four.  Happy Birthday Lucy.  Mac had a good time with his friends from school and Mitchell pretty much played by himself as he does…

1500: Party over and it was off to Lowes for more supplies for the yard work.  Mitchell fell asleep in the car, but Mac went into the store with Daddy and helped get the supplies.  Mac also picked out two flowers – one for Mitchell (Dahlia) and one for himself (Zinia).  With supplies in the car, it was off to the house to begin working in the yard once again.  Mac and Mitchell were great helpers.  Daddy forgot a few pipes at the store, so it was off to the local hardware store which provided the boys with Free popcorn.  Mitchell supplied the poo poo.  Stinky diaper boy. Really need to accelerate that potty training!  With a stinky diaper getting mushed in the car, it was off to….you guessed it…McDonalds to pick up dinner once again….As we drove away from the hardware store, Mitchell screamed out…’’I’m not buckled! I’m not buckled”.  Way to go Mitchell!!!  Once buckled in and with McDonalds in hand, it was back to the house.

1930:  It was back into the yard after eating the scrumptious quarter pounders, fries, Mcnuggets, etc.  The boys were really great helping Daddy in the yard.  Daddy is as happy as can be (with a few, ‘NO – DON’T DO THAT’s”) having the boys help!  Once again, Mitchell was off to bath and bed at 2030, but Mac stayed out helping (truthfully) until about 2200.  Wow.  He was trying to fill a bucket with dirt that needed to be moved…about 10% of the dirt made it into the bucket.  That’s ok…Daddy loved having him out there!

2200: Mac was off to bed with Mommy while Daddy continued to work…

Good Night Boys!