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Another Weekend Gone!

It’s a brand new Monday, and the boys are excited to get back to school with their friends.  Ok, ok, Mitchell is not quite as excited to go to school as Mac, but he always has fun!  It was a good weekend.  The boys are still taking their swim classes and learning as best as they can…they only get into the pool once a week for 30 minutes, and they need to share the lesson with each other.  Mac had his piano lesson on Sunday as a make up for last Wednesday’s missed lesson.  Of course, he did well.  No surprise.  Mitchell did well yesterday with his drum practice.  We have not been doing as well with his practice.  Daddy needs to do a better job of getting Mitchell to do his practice.  It will probably take a more defined daily routine in the morning.  We’ll post the schedule for the boys, so they can help.   Most likely, we will get home from school or TKD and have Mitchell do drum practice while Daddy is preparing dinner.  Daddy made up a weekly menu for the boys’ lunch and dinner.  This will make it easier to stay on the tight evening schedule without making every night a crisis to figure out what’s for dinner.  Mac will have an assignment each day from Daddy…don’t worry, he’ll like it.  Today, he will look up ‘Pi’ on Google and answer two questions…1. What’s the symbol; 2. What’s the number to six decimal places.  He will also learn how to write email, by writing an email to his mother.  He will also do a short typing lesson.  He has been learning how to type a little, but this will help him become proficient.  No doubt he will do well. 

Mitchell has been complaining about a sore throat since Friday.  He had a little congestion yesterday and through the night.  He slept with Daddy last night, and coughed a little early.  He was sleeping soundly in the morning.  Nice drool puddle next to Tina’s pillow!  He really didn’t want to wake up.  It was a mild crankiness this morning.  He came out of it quickly!  

More to follow in the next couple of days!

October 28, 2008

06:50- Mac woke up and went into daddy’s room, he got to see mommy before she left for work.  Mac stayed in daddy’s room until it was time to wake up Mitchell. 07:30 we all woke Mitchell and daddy carried him downstairs.  Mitch went potty and put on his under wear and walked daddy to the door.  Mac got himself dressed and also walked daddy to the door.  Mitchell finished getting dressed and Mac picked out his breakfast.  Then when Mitch finished getting dressed he got his breakfast to.  Mac ate blueberry muffins and drank milk, Mitch ate chocolate chip muffins and drank milk.  After eating the boys had time to play.  Mac played on the computer and Mitch played with Thomas trains and watched Mac on the computer.

08:15- The boys got ready for school.  I put Hydrophor and band aids on Mitchell’s bottom right foot, left ankle and left pointer, pinky and thumb fingers.  I also gave him his Zyrtec.  Mac went potty and brushed his teeth while Mitch put his socks and shoes on.  Then, Mitch went potty and brushed his teeth while Mac put his socks and shoes on.  I washed both of their faces and combed both of their hair.

08:45- The boys arrived at school.

11:50- I picked Mitch up from school.  He had a good day.  He played outside, made a necklace and drew a  race track.  He did not have a snack today.  Daddy was home when we got there and he stayed to have lunch with Mitch.  Mitch ate strawberries, chicken bites and some of daddy’s sandwich.  Mitch walked daddy to the door and then finished eating.  After eating it was time to go for a nap.   He went upstairs, went potty, washed up, changed clothes and I put Hydrophor and band aids on his bottom right foot, left ankle and left pointer, pinky and thumb fingers.  He fell asleep about 13:30.  I woke him up at 14:50 in order to pick Mac up from school.

15:15- We picked Mac up from school.  He had a good day.  He made a Tree Book, went to P.E., went to Music, worked on a handwriting sheet and read a book.  He did not have a snack and he did not go outside.  For lunch he ate Turkey slices and a slice of bread.  He did not eat his yogurt or grapes.  He said that he was talking alot and did not have time to finish.

When we got home Mac went straight to practicing his piano.  Mitchell and I went upstairs and got ready for Soccor and then he played with the fire truck.

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