Let me start with the Dentist’s nightmare!  Yes, Halloween.  Last year Mitchell was only two and really didn’t understand what he was doing and Mac got sick and just passed out candy with Daddy.  This year, Halloween was bitter sweet.  It was Heathers last day taking care of the boys.  ON the bright side, she will be able to spend more time with Joey before her new kid pops out!  Good luck Heather…the boys miss you and wish you all the luck…stay in touch!

Mac and his pumpkinPumkin carving time!

For the boys that night, it was mommy on duty and the sun staying up later than past years.  To start, at 5pm, it was off to a neighborhood party sponsored by the residents of Commonwealth Street.  Mommy didn’t make it:-(  Just the three boys and many of our neighborhood friends.  After a healthy amount of pizza (for daddy), brownies, juice, and lots of playing, it was time to move out for some candy snatching!  The neighborhood is great…lots of older folks happy to see the transition of the old neighborhood into a thriving family community.   Mac and Mitchell had to be continuously restrained to keep them in Daddy’s site.  They chose to stay with a small group of the neighborhood kids.  Mac filled his bucket so full, it began to come apart.  This year, the boys were maniacs and had a blast.  Mommy stayed home to hand out candy and work!  Arrrghh, where\'s the fire?

Saturday morning was the last day of the current session of swim lessons.  Both boys are doing really well.  Mac has started swimming on his own without floats for several strokes with his head underwater.  He’s really proud.  And so are Mommy and Daddy.  For the rest of the weekend it was either Birthday parties (3) or Mac and Mommy at the Botanical Gardens collecting leaves from the different trees.  One of Mac’s projects…to collect leaves and put them in an album.  Mac and Mitchell went to the first party Saturday together at the Zoo for Riley who turned 4.  The second party was for Mitchell’s classmate, Allison.  It was held at a bowling alley.  Mitchell had a great time.  Too bad Mac didn’t join us.  He would have had a blast.  Mitchell and Daddy went to Mitchell’s favorite place in the world after the party…you guessed it…Toys R Us.  In fact, every night, Mitchell sits on the potty and looks at the different toy catalogs telling us he will get this or that for Christmas.

Sunday, it was off to Johnny’s party at Chuck E Cheese.  Mac was less than thrilled going there.  He does not really like the Macot, so it took a while for him to enjoy himself.  He did, however, especially with the air hockey game.  That was a full weekend.  No golf lesson due to too much partying.

Monday, November 3, 2008.  A new era!  They boys are nanniless!  It’s now time to begin full time school beginning with Daddy taking them to school at 0800 and Mommy picking them up before 530pm.  Mac is so excited and doesn’t want to be picked up before 530pm.  Mitchell, on the other hand, is taking it in stride and doesn’t want to stay in school till the end of the day…’come get me early, Mommy!  Fade out, Monday.

Fade in, Thursday.  Alls well with the boys.  They are a little out of whack, but only due to being a little more tired at the end of the day.

Time to wrap this up…Daddy needs some sleep.