Today, this post only covers some of the boys’ day.  Heather has not been shown how to post yet on the site. 

0730: Mac woke up.  Heather went into Mac’s room followed by Daddy who was ready to go to work.  It was then time to go wake up Mitchell.  The boys went downstairs to walk Daddy to the door as went to work.  They were in a good mood today as Daddy left. 

1515-1645: Mommy picked up Mac from school today as a surprise!  Mac loves it when Mommy surprises him at school.  From there, Mac and Mommy went to Harris Teeter to pick out more food for Mac’s lunches at school.  He picked cherries, grapes and blueberries, turkey and American cheese!  Mac eats so well!  After getting ice for drinks at T-ball, it was off to home to see Mitchell!  Mitchell was awake when they got home…he only had a 45 minute nap!

1645-1655:  Daddy came home and all rushed to get into the car to go to T-ball!  The boys were not making it easy by dawdling and not listening to Mommy…the turds!

1705: It was T-ball time…A good time was had by all…read the T-ball post at: T-Ball 16 June 2008

2015-2045:  Back home for piano practice for Mac…He did great!  He improved on Scarborough Fair and did his other pieces and exercises really well!  Good job, buddy!  Mitchell played with trains while Mac practiced…Mommy cleaned fruit and prepared Mac’s lunch.  Mac then inspected to make sure it passed his high standards.

2045: It’s time for bath and bedtime!  Mitchell continues to make progress in his potty training and used the potty before bath! 

2115: Mac read a book to Mitchell.  It was a Thomas book that had ‘LIFT THE FLAPS’.  Mac would read the writing and tell Mitchell to lift the flaps.  What great brothers!

2137: Bedtime!  They were asleep in no time!  Sleep well boys!