Mitchell’s first day of school!!!

Mitchell went to his first day of school today with his big brother Mac.  Mitchell will be in the toddler class until potty training is complete.  Of course, mom and dad worked to prepare the kid for school, so he wouldn’t get upset or cry when he was dropped off by dad.  Just like Mac a year ago, Mitchell didn’t even look back at Daddy!  Turkey.  At least one tear and one glance back would have been nice! 

Today was also Mac’s first day of the summer session and his first day of Extended Day!  He will be in school until 3:15pm versus 11:45am as he was last year (which ended last week). He is excited and carried his lunch to school for the first time in his new Monogrammed lunch bag, of course. He had a turkey sandwich, cheese and crackers, strawberries and a flavored water!  He was happy to have so much food for lunch.