0700-0730: Mac and Mitchell slept a long time last night.  They both slept 12 plus hours!  Wow.  I expected Mac to wake up at 0600, but he didn’t get up until 0705.  Mitchell awoke at 0730, even though Mac walked into his room at 0710.  Mac stayed in Daddy’s room until Daddy decided to get out of bed at 0720.  Once both boys were awake, they both used the potty. …that’s right…Mitchell is doing so much better using the potty!  He still doesn’t use it on his own…he needs to be reminded. 

0730-0838: After getting Mitchell dressed and checking to make sure his booboo from yesterday wasn’t still bothering him, Daddy prepared chocolate chip pancakes for him.  He didn’t eat much, however.  Mac ate chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and had flavored water. After breakfast, it was potty time again, brushing of the tooths, and shoe time.  Daddy showed Mac his lunch box (today is Mac’s first day of Extended Day, which means he starts bringing his lunch to school!).  He had turkey and cheese sandwich, crackers, strawberries and flavored water .  Finally it was off to school!

{Mitchell: Zyrtec and Motrin}

0850:  Mitchell and Mac were dropped off for school and played on the playground to start their day!  Daddy cried like a girl and went to Lowes till it was time to pick up Mitchell!

1140:  Mitchell’s first day of school is over!  He came out to the car in a great mood!  He said he played and learned about cards (?) from his teacher and met new friends (Beckett is the only name he remembered).  Now it was off to see mommy for lunch at the hospital!

1210:  Mitchell and Daddy arrived at the hospital to eat lunch with Mommy.  Mommy also did a quick exam of Mitchell’s booboo and found that there was nothing wrong.  Mitchell didn’t hurt anymore.  12 hours sleep cures a lot!  Off to Subway in the hospital for lunch.  Mitchell had a ham, cheese and bacon sandwich.  He ate almost all of it!  He also had cookies (chocolate chip), but saved them for the ride home. 


1300: Time to let Mommy get back to work and drive home.  One cookie and a quick trip through the tunnel and Mitchell and Daddy were home to watch Thomas (Carnival Capers) and watch Roma finish cleaning the house.  Now it was time to play and wait till it was time to pick up Mac!

1300-1500: Mitchell and Daddy watched a Thomas video (Carnival Capers)

1515: Pick up Mac at school.  Mac finished his first Extended Day and had a great time.  He worked on Map 6 which is South America.  Mac traces the continent, then colors in the countries.  He also learned the flags of the countries.  Daddy quizzed him at dinner and Mac knew many of them by sight.  Way to go kid.

1515-1615: The drive home included a jaunt through the neighborhoods as well as a stop at 7-11 for slurpees and a snack.  Mac likes to go through the neighborhoods and see the different streets.  He is really fascinated by the different names of the streets and likes to drive around the city.  It’s his map phase.  Finally, Mitchell and Daddy cried uncle, and we all drove home to meet Mommy as she came home from work. 

1730-1930: Once home it was off to pick up the Sienna which was at the shop and then dinner at Olive Garden.  The boys had salad, grated cheese, and spaghetti with meatballs.  Of course, the boys sucked the spaghetti noodles while it was dangling from their mouths!  It was another late night for the boys.  It was time to go home, take a bath and go to bed!

2100: bedtime!  Good night boys!